Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet – Manicure, Pedicure and Nails

At Beauty Within we love feet and hands so we want to make sure you do too! Enjoy having your feet and hands rejuvenated as you relax back on the couch whilst your therapist carries out the treatment either at the foot of the bed or on your hands.

Please remove any existing polish before arrival to ensure your therapist does not need to rush your treatment. Don’t forget for any foot treatment you will need to wear your open toe shoes for after the treatment!

Manicure, Pedicure & Nails

Calgel Nail Treatments/Extensions

Calgel adds strength to the natural nail and offers long lasting, chip free nails that can be quickly soaked off leaving nails clean and damage free.

£46 Sculpted french extensions

£42 Sculpted extensions

£43 French extensions with tips

£40 Colour extensions with tips

£32 French overlays

£26 Clear overlays

£30 Colour overlays

£25 Infills

£3 Single tip or repairs

£22 Removal of extensions with manicure

£8 Removal of extensions prior to a new set

Nailtiques Manicure

Nailtiques is a therapeutic system proven to help nails that are prone to damage such as split, peeling, breakage and dryness.

£26 Spa luxury manicure
(with mittens for extra conditioning)

£16 Maintenance manicure

£8 File and polish

£2 (extra for) French polish

Shellac and Color Couture Gel Manicure

14 day wear, zero dry time, flawless mirror finish, resiliant non chip for hands and feet.

£22 Colour  manicure

£24 French manicure

£7 Shellac on extensions or overlays

£16 Removal of Shellac and manicure

Acrylic Nail Extensions

For longer nail extensions which are hard wearing acrylic gives greater nail strength and flexibility. Extremely, natural looking non-yellowing acrylic.

£33 Acrylic sculpted extensions

£30 Acrylic blended extensions

£26 French/pearl tip

£18 Acrylic overlay

£20 Acrylic infills

£2 Single tip or repair with infills

£3 Single tip or repair

£20 Soak off acrylics with manicure

£8 Removal of acrylics prior to a new set

Nail ART

Freehand designs | Nail stickers and water decals | Nail stamping | Swarovski Crystals | Magpie Glitter – Many Designs available.

(From)£1 per nail

£5 Full set Glitter

£8 Full set of Magpie Glitter

Spa Luxury Pedicure

Spa Luxury Pedicure

As you lie on the couch your therapist will carry out the pedicure at the foot of the bed. Treatment includes a warming sugar scrub, a conditioning clay mask, fortified with hydrating vitamins and finished with a deeply conditioning moisturizer that shields the skin with a satin finish.

£2 Extra for French Polish

£30 Spa luxury pedicure

£22 Express pedicure

£8 File and polish colour

£37 Spa pedicure with Shellac

£29 Express pedicure with Shellac

£22 Shellac on toe nails

£28 Callus chiropody peel (for removal of extremely hard and rough skin).

£36 Callus peel with pedicure

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